Our Tune-up

Their Tune-up

Our Typical Timeline
1 Hour

Their Timeline
2+ Weeks

Easy Drop off

We provide exceptional attention to detail, because we understand what it means to use a bicycle as primary transportation.

Having serviced thousands of a wide variety of bikes, we are ready for yours!

“Austin was great and he really helped me out. Tuned up my bike under an hour and I couldn’t be happier with his work. Cheers!”


“Austin allowed me to stay to see the work happening on my bike, he talked me through what he was doing and it really helped me learn more about my bike.”


“Austin is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful!”


We’ll professionally assemble and tune your direct to consumer bike.
Examples include Canyon, Rad Power Bike, Lectric, or any others (please no bikes from Amazon except Mongoose or Schwinn). Get in touch for the delivery address, details, and for the tracking number.

No matter where you are in your bike journey, we want to help.

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